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BOOK REVIEW: Michelle Malkin Singles Out Moonbats of the Left in ‘Unhinged’; It’s Time for a Decency Time-Out from Left-Wing, Right-Wing Whack Jobs

Posted by kinchendavid on July 18, 2006


Reviewed By David M. Kinchen
Hinton, WV – I wish I could repeat some of the epithets that Michelle Malkin quotes at great length in her book “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild” (Regnery, 231 pages, $27.95, color photos, index). Unfortunately, they’re so vile that I can’t. This is an R-rated book, maybe even an NC-17 one.
I leave it to your imagination about the sexual slurs directed at Malkin, a Filipina-American. Just think back to a Bill Maher, George Carlin, Richard Pryor event or the gaggle of comedians in “The Aristocrats” and you’ll get some idea. Malkin also cites writers for the New York Times and the Washington Post, both liberal journals, referring to the “dark skin” of Congressman Bobby Jindal, R-LA, a conservative of Indian (from India) descent.
Malkin makes the excellent point that minorities and so-called “people of color” who don’t follow the liberal, leftist, “progressive,” party line are fair game for cartoonists like Ted Rall and others who portray Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as a stereotyped character from “Gone with the Wind.”
The latest flap over alleged retail fraud by conservative black former Bush aide Claude Allen has prompted conservative commentator Ann Coulter – herself the target of mean-spirited liberal vitriol – to note that “since Allen was accused of stealing from department stores a few weeks ago, the Times has mentioned him in seven articles — including a major front page article on Monday [March 13, 2006]…coverage more appropriate to the first moon landing. This makes Allen the first black alleged thief whose photo has ever appeared in the New York Times.”
You won’t find much coverage of outrageous acts – yellow ribbon magnet stealing, trashing military recruiting stations, harassing college GOP tables, burning swastikas on the lawns of people with Bush-Cheney stickers on their cars — and similar deeds by left-wingers in the so-called mainstream media, Malkin asserts. Based on my experience at five daily newspapers, including big ones like the Los Angeles Times, I have to agree with her. Liberals get a pass on their wrong-doings, unless it’s so egregious that it has to be covered.
That was the case, Malkin says, with Barry Seltzer, “a registered Democrat” who was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – his automobile — after he allegedly tried to run down GOP Congresswoman Katherine Harris in October 2004 in Sarasota, FL. Harris has achieved the status of the “wicked witch” to left-wing moonbats. Now, she’s even being attacked by the right-wing variety as she persists in staying in the race for senator from Florida.
The book is replete with incidents of liberals gone wild, something I’ve come to expect in this era of no respect for decency and good manners. In the interests of fairness, I’d like to propose a truce. With a nod to Mr. Maher’s “new rules”: No more comments on Katherine Harris’ use of makeup, with or without a trowel.
It’s important to realize that invective – even the over the top vile, disgusting kind – is nothing new in American politics. To quote a well-known Black Panther, speaking about violence: “It’s as American as cherry pie.” Vicious comments by Alexander Hamilton about Vice President Aaron Burr led to the famous 1804 duel and Hamilton’s demise. Abraham Lincoln was attacked remorselessly in both his 1860 and 1864 campaigns, with vitriol similar to that of today – maybe even worse. He was shown dancing at gatherings of black and whites. He was compared to a gorilla. Biographer Richard Carwardine (“Lincoln”, just reviewed by me, check archives) points out that the word “miscegenation” was coined by Democrats in the 1864 campaign to blacken (pun intended) Lincoln’s reputation in the wake of the previous year’s Emancipation Proclamation.
This is a particularly vile era we live in, with incidents of school vandalism (where are the parents) just reported at Greenbrier East High School in Fairlea, WV, with the vandalism of a statue of the school’s “Spartan” mascot donated to the school by Jim Justice, a decent man who has coached basketball at the school. When I was doing a story on the Coal Classic in Beckley several years ago, I sat with Jim Justice in the Raleigh County Armory and interviewed him. I was impressed with his attitude of wanting to do the best he could for young people. The destruction of the statue in Greenbrier County followed closely on the heels of “senior prank” vandalism at Beckley’s Woodrow Wilson High School that forced closure of the school for a day. Again I ask: WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?
Malkin may be lumping in all liberals with the wackos of the Ward Churchill variety – a good case could be made for this – but I think she’s right on target with the dehumanization of minorities who don’t drink the liberal Kool-Aid. On the other hand, I thought her attacks on movie celebrities were the equivalent of using an Uzi to kill a cockroach: I don’t expect much from actors and actresses, who aren’t chosen for their political acumen anyway. Another “new rule”: Who cares what celebrities think about world affairs? I don’t!
As I said, a total disregard of decency is also true of the far right, as evidenced by once respectable (he was a regular contributor to William F. Buckley’s “big tent” National Review) conservative Paul Craig Roberts (http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=21704) who’s barking at the moon, attacking Bush and his “neocon brownshirts.” Neocon is often used as a codeword for Jews by anti-Semites of the right – and the left. It seems the moonbats of the left consider a conservative Jew to be an oxymoron and those of the right, like Roberts and Pat Buchanan, want their conservative movements to be totally Jew-free. Another “new rule”: I demand an immediate moratorium on comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis. And I want Paul Craig Roberts and Pat Buchanan to immediately return to the padded cell they share in the right-wing lunatic asylum.
As my hero Will Shakespeare said: “A plague on both their houses!”
Regnery web site: http://www.regnery.com
Paul Craig Roberts: “Iranophobia” posted on http://www.LewRockwell.com

(Review originally published March 19, 2006)


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