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George Johnson: Both Parties Were Lacking in Last Year’s Eminent Domain Fight in WV Legislature

Posted by kinchendavid on July 20, 2006

From George Johnson for House of Delegates press release

Morgantown, WV – At a recent campaign meeting in Morgantown, George Johnson, Republican candidate for House of Delegates, 44th District, admitted that he would have liked to have seen a stronger response to the Eminent Domain property rights fight from within his own party.

Johnson has expressed disappointment with those Democratic members of the House of Delegates from Monongalia County, who claim to have done something for eminent domain but who pushed what he calls “a weak bill, one that doesn’t go nearly far enough to protect our citizens’ private property interests.”


But when Johnson was asked this past week if his criticism extended to members of his own Republican Party representing Monongalia County in the House, he replied, “Regrettably, yes. Like many Republicans and conservative Democrats, I had hoped for more out of our Republicans. This is not a partisan issue. This is a West Virginian issue. We don’t need half measures now. We need bold leadership and truth telling.”

Johnson declined to single out anyone by name, but he did say that liberal Republicanism that goes along and gets along with the House leadership “isn’t going to take us very far towards a better West Virginia.”

Johnson, 39, is running as a first time legislative candidate. He says that not being in politics before keeps him closer to the views of the people he hopes to represent.


A native of Morgantown, George Johnson attended MHS and WVU and helps run a family real estate business in Morgantown.



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