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Kim Wolfe Responds to Rahall’s Vote on Israel

Posted by kinchendavid on July 21, 2006

From a Kim Wolfe for Congress press release

The calm might be over. The Congressional race in West Virginia’s Third District between Representative Nick Rahall and Cabell County Sheriff Kim Wolfe, which has been strangely quiet to this point, may be about to heat up.

Following Rahall’s vote against Thursday’s resolution supporting Israel’s right to defend itself and to hold terrorists and their state-sponsors accountable, Sheriff Wolfe called for Southern West Virginians to bring Rahall to accountability.

In Thursday’s vote the House, in an unusual display of solidarity, voted overwhelmingly to support Israel, 410-8. Rahall was one of the 8 dissenters.

“It is reprehensible to me that any responsible individual in a position of leadership and authority would not lend their support to any effort to denounce terrorism, and this is not Representative Rahall’s first such slap in the face to civilized, democratic governments who have sought to put an end to terrorism throughout the world”, said Wolfe.

According to USA Today’s Campaign 2004 candidate profile, in February of 2003 Rahall was one of only two House members to vote against a resolution commending Israel for its recent election, and in June of 2003 he was one of five opposing another House resolution supporting Israel’s right to strike back at terrorist attacks.

Rahall traces his ancestry to Lebanon, and is the most active lawmaker of Arab descent in Middle Eastern affairs. Rahall and another congressman of Arab descent have gone against State Department policy on travels to Syria, and Rahall has met with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat whom “he has known for years” according to a USA Today Campaign 2004 candidate profile.

Sheriff Wolfe, who serves on the U.S. Anti-Terrorist Advisory Council, commented: “It is absolutely imperative that all honorable and just nations work together to put an end to tyranny and terror. We must not forget what we saw and felt on September 11th, 2001 as we were attacked on our own soil. It can happen again! It is happening again and again in other parts of the world. None of us will be safe and secure until the world community says “enough!” That is beginning to happen, and Thursday’s vote was another effort to add America’s voice to the chorus. Mr. Rahall’s repeated votes against Israel’s right to fight terrorist attacks on her own soil lend a dissonant voice to the statement. If there’s one thing true West Virginians have always held sacred and precious, it’s the right to protect their own homes, families and land, along with our God-give freedoms. Our brothers and sisters all over the world should enjoy the same rights and privileges, but until they do, we are not safe here at home. We cannot allow tyranny or terror to infringe on those inalienable rights.”

Wolfe is encouraging voters in southern West Virginia to study Rahall’s record, and decide for themselves if he represents what they believe in.

The Liberal Americans for Democratic Action said in 2003 that Rahall voted their preferred position 85 percent of the time.

Wolfe stated: “I cannot, and will not even attempt, to compete with Nick Rahall’s money. But, I have faith in true West Virginians, of whom I am proudly one, and I believe that given a viable alternative and opportunity to do the right thing, they will.” “My life has been my campaign. I ask only that my fellow West Virginians examine the lives and records of our two congressional candidates, and decide who they feel best represents what we believe in.” “It is time for southern West Virginians to say ‘enough! Ultimately, it does not take money to get elected—what it takes is VOTES! My fellow West Virginians and I have the power to put an end to it, and I hope that when we get in the voting booth in November, we utilize our sacred right to choose for ourselves, and DO THE RIGHT THING!”


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