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Callaghan Keynotes Democratic Women’s Meeting

Posted by kinchendavid on July 22, 2006

From Mike Callaghan for Second Congressional District Press Release

Ripley, WV   – Mike Callaghan, Democratic Congressional candidate (2nd District), was keynote speaker at the Second Congressional District West Democratic Women’s Meeting, held Saturday, July 22, 2006,at the Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley. 

The theme for the event was “You really do make a difference,” which Callaghan reflected in his remarks to the group.  Callaghan’s speech centered on being a Democrat and a patriot, and how the ideals of each help to make a difference in the world.

Callaghan stated, “Being a Democrat, and holding strong, Democratic beliefs may not always be popular, but it is the right path to improving our society,” and called upon those present to ensure that Democratic values were carried out.

Callaghan criticized the current administration’s actions, marking them as not following the “patriotic principles that came from the founders of America.”  Callaghan also called for more to be done to ensure veterans receive all the proper aid and respect they deserve in their service to our country.

Guests at the event included Congressman Nick Rahall, West Virginia House Delegates Dale Martin (13th District) and Brady Paxton (13th District), and West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women President Karen Coria.

Callaghan will spend coming days in the Eastern Panhandle, continuing to build his base and gain momentum in the area.  Also in the works for Callaghan is a district-spanning RV tour, with stops planned in all eighteen counties of the Second Congressional District. 



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