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GUEST COMMENTARY: Israel and Radical Islam

Posted by kinchendavid on July 22, 2006

By Tom Proebsting

Moberly, MO — The agenda of radical Islam can be condensed into two major points: one, the eradication of the state of Israel; and two, the elimination of all Western and/or non-Islamic influence in the region, including the areas of Northern Africa, Southern Asia, and Central Asia, be it people, media, troops, business, or politics. In other words, point two calls for a caliphate stretching from Morocco to Pakistan and all points between.


Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Lebanese government are working on point one. They are attacking Israel from two fronts and are receiving aid from Syria and Iran, among others. In spite of Israel giving up Gaza to the Palestinians, the jihadists mean to annihilate the nation of Israel.


Al Qaeda and similar Islamic terrorist organizations are working on point two. Their battle fronts extend from areas of the Middle East (two wars) to America (9/11), Spain (train bombings), England (train bombings), India (train bombings), Indonesia (bombings), Chechnya (war), Kashmir (war), Kosovo, Bosnia, Sudan (war), Somalia (war and chaos), and anywhere else where Muslims want to drive out the ‘infidels.’ The radical Islamics are trying to get the attention of the West. I believe they have it.


If Hamas and Hezbollah and their backers succeed in destroying Israel, they will have accomplished a long time goal. It is no accident that both fronts of the conflict started within days.


Israel is a sovereign nation which was accepted by the United Nations in 1948. The majority of the world’s countries recognize Israel, with only a few radical Islamic nations withholding recognition. Israel is not an imperialistic land-grabbing nation which attacks other countries unprovoked. They are taking defensive and retaliatory measures in response to the multiple attacks on their land by their declared enemies and they are being criticized by other nations for it.


Spain used to be a partner in the coalition of the willing in the war on terror. Their tactics have turned completely around since the election of their new prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The new PM said Israel was using “abusive tactics” in their conflict with Lebanon. He said this as he was wearing a Palestinian-type scarf, which appeared to be a gesture to mock Israel.


The leaders and citizens of Spain may be afflicted with short memories. History reveals that the Muslims invaded Spain in the early 8th century and were not completely driven out until 1492. This was an Islamic occupation of a nation for almost 800 years. Do they really want to advise Israel on protecting itself?


Russia condemned Israel’s strikes into Lebanon. Do they have room to talk when the Russian forces recently annihilated the tiny republic of Chechnya, including the mass murders of civilians and the leveling of major cities, in order to fight terror?


France also condemned Israel for its strikes. Does anyone recall that during the war of independence between France and Algeria, there were terrorist attacks against civilians on both sides?


The European Union does not have Hezbollah on their official list of terrorist organizations. No surprise there. The European nations were responsible for most of the wars, horrors, and atrocities the world over during the 20th century. Most Europeans wouldn’t know a terrorist if they snuck up and bit them on the bohunkus.


Israel has difficulty targeting Hezbollah members as they do not wear fighting uniforms. The terrorists blend in with the population for their own safety. When mass bombings are utilized, it is inevitable there will be excess collateral damage. Nothing can be changed about that until Hezbollah and Hamas fight like true armies.

Israel is handling military operations as they should. First, mass bombings have been directed in order to inflict the most possible damage to crucial targets in southern Lebanon. Next, Israel will send in the ground troops to mop up what‘s left.


If the rest of the world won’t come to Israel’s corner, so be it. They must continue to fight on their own and forget the reactions of other nations. It’s their only course for survival.



* * *

Tom Proebsting is a writer and blogger in Missouri. Tom Proebsting, 823 N. Ault St. Moberly, MO 65270

e-mail: truthprobe777@yahoo.com

Proebsting invites comments. Reply to: http://truthprobe.blogspot.com




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