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GUEST COMMENTARY: Arab Nations Are Lebanon’s Real Enemies

Posted by kinchendavid on July 28, 2006


By Joseph J. Honick

Bainbridge Island, WA There is a term – “benign neglect” — that often causes problems because theoretically good friends, siblings or parents who say they care also forget to show it sufficiently so that others can see this caring.

To read and hear the breathless commentary coming out the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict, one would believe the Jewish state has declared war on the nation of Lebanon with whom it historically enjoyed reasonably good relations.

It’s a lie, despite the imbalanced journalism out of various networks whose correspondents are either crowded into some safe studios or otherwise protected from most of the bombings. They seem to be in such profusion, not just from CNN and other American outlets, but from all over the world. How can a crowd of such people gather to see this conflict without one bomb from either side doing them in?

I cannot answer this question, but it is clear that there are many unreported facts that should be in the consumer media as well as the more formal publications like Foreign Affairs or an excellent industry sheet like O’Dwyer’s PR Newsletter. The latter for some time has reported the many millions dumped into the coffers of just one American PR/Lobbying firm, Qorvis, to sell the Saudi Arabian ideas and to say nasty things about Israel. And those are just the millions poured into an American firm, millions you have never read about in your daily newspaper or heard on the so called evening news or even seen in the flood of blogs that occupy the internet.

I cannot say why this is so, but there it is. It seems to have little to do with one’s political leanings to Republican or Democrats, though it is interesting that the more conservative elements have seen through the plethora of Arab propaganda without asking some key questions or permitting historical perspective to balance the rest of what we read and hear.

In the end, those Arab countries who have done their best to destabilize Israel for more than two generations, even before the state was born, have much to answer for — as does the so called “international community” which was impotent while holocausts were taking place in Africa and elsewhere but wide awake when it came time to condemn Israel.

Worse than Arab destabilization efforts have been their phony support for the Palestinian refugees. It would be futile to find really positive efforts by the oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others to build hospitals, schools, factories and other institutions that could have helped Palestinians to become competitive and productive people without having to rely on employment in Israel, employment cut short by terrorists who worried that peace might actually break out eventually.

Lacking such efforts, the field was left free to terrorists like Hezbollah, Hamas and others to look like saviors while preaching hatred to generations of young Palestinians who became proud suicide bombers and recruits to terror. Of course, the media never publish photographs and articles that feature wealthy Palestinians who seem to distance themselves from the refugees not very far from where they live.

One key question why such questions are never raised by even the most leading and legitimate commentators here and abroad?

Unlike Israel, whose population and geography are virtual specks in relation to her neighbors and the armies, Arab nations have never had a problem to let American put their men and women at risk in their behalf. The same bleating United Nations that so readily condemned Israel in the current campaign did not have the capacity to gain admission for Israel to the International Red Cross for more than 50 years.

Israel is entitled to search out and destroy terrorists like Hezbollah who choose to fight behind the shields of innocent people, from schools, churches and even hospitals so they can then charge Israelis with purposely hitting defenseless civilians — the kinds of people specifically targeted by Hezbollah in Israeli cities and villages.

Could it be that Hezbollah is not only a surrogate for Iran and Syria but the Saudis, Kuwaitis and others who seem not to suffer problems from these terrorist groups which seem to have huge financial resources to pay for immensely expensive rockets and other deadly arsenals? And why does no one ask?

In the end, despite the crocodile tears of governments who should be helping to avoid such conflicts, the real enemies of Lebanon as well as Israel remain the major Arab nations who always seem to lack the will to help themselves except to our money at the gas pump. Only in this and so many other instances over time, the neglect could hardly be called “benign.”

Joseph J. Honick is a contributing columnist to DavidKinchen.com and Huntington News Network and is President of GMA International Ltd.


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