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GUEST COMMENTARY: When is Enough Enough?

Posted by kinchendavid on August 2, 2006

By Joseph J. Honick

Bainbridge Island, WA Much has been made legitimately about the tragedy of innocent civilians dying in the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, NOT Lebanon.


Strangely and no less tragically, you seldom heard the same screaming accusations during WWII when we and our allies quite necessarily had to level cities across Europe and virtually destroy much of Tokyo and Berlin and the inhabitants there. In fact, newsreels and newspapers celebrated the allied power that was leading us toward victory over the Axis bullies who themselves had been effective in murdering innocents wherever they trod their armies and sent their bombers.


War is an ugly thing that has few morality tales attached to it. Often it is the result of some country or group of nations trying to inflict themselves on others in the belief they can drive them out of existence.


Comes now Israel, a virtual speck of land and a small population amid hundreds of millions of enemies committed to her destruction finally saying “enough is enough!” and pushing to stop the slaughter that has lasted since her birth nearly 60 years ago. Yet the so called international community condemns her for asserting her sovereign right to self defense.


Are innocent Lebanese dying? Of course they are, and it is tragic. And the State of Israel does not celebrate those deaths. On the other hand, every man, woman and child killed by Hezbollah, Hamas suicide bombers and the long list of those slaughtered far from the Middle East by their minions…all these are celebrated by those now the targets of Israeli forces because: Enough is finally Enough.


So where is the so called “international community” declaring the need for some sensible demands on Hezbollah? Does no one understand the hundreds of millions it costs to train, arm and launch the state within the state of Lebanon that Hezbollah actually is? Does the international community demanding Israel stand down fail to see where that money originates? Of course not; it never has probed very deeply into all that.


When Egypt invaded Israel on the holiest day of the Jewish year, did the world community rise up in profound indignation? Nope. And, when, at great human cost, Israel fought back successfully, that world community allegedly committed to peace, demand the Jewish state proceed to surrender territory it won in battle, never suggesting that, had Israel lost the war, any great demands would be made to return here property.


In war, as one great man once said, there are never winners, only losers. It would seem that in the United Nations, there is one nation guaranteed to come out on the short end and to be condemned. The history of it is documented.


So, when is enough enough? When hypocrites don’t condemn those who defend themselves effectively.


* * *


Joseph J. Honick is a contributing columnist to DavidKinchen.com, Huntington News Network and is President of GMA International Ltd.





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