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GUEST COMMENTARY: Exit Strategy for Iraq

Posted by kinchendavid on August 9, 2006

By Tom Proebsting

What should we do in Iraq? Think of it as a bad marriage-when there is no hope of getting along or of reconciling, the man and woman usually opt for divorce. The term ‘irreconcilable differences’, which is a common reason for divorce, says it all. Why prolong the agony any longer? Split up and get it over.

Our pre-emptive strike in Iraq was a bad mistake from the beginning – like some marriages. Last Thursday, the American officer in charge of Iraq, General John Abizaid, told a Senate Committee what many of us have suspected: Iraq is in danger of sliding into a civil war. The level-headed thinkers realize that it’s time to get out.

For those who do not believe in the military option of pre-emptive strikes, the invasion of Iraq was looked on as a nightmare. The administration used many hackneyed excuses to go into Iraq: regime change, the presence of weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein’s knowledge and/or collusion with the perpetrators of 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s ties with al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein’s attempted assassination of former president George H. W. Bush, Iraq’s breaking of 17 United Nations resolutions, and the spreading of democracy, among other fabrications.

Most of these reasons have turned out to be plain bunk. The president sent in our able-bodied troops, they overthrew Mr. Hussein’s dictatorship, and then the Iraqi army melted into the general population. Afterwards, the president and the secretary of defense stood by helplessly as Iraq’s insurgency grew. The leaders in charge did not have a plan on what to do next, so they did nothing. Today, the sectarian violence is threatening to turn into a civil war.

Will increased might and power stop the violence? Not likely. The insurgents and other terrorists are fed by the controlled mindset of a radicalized religion and strong nationalism, with a sprinkling of socialism. The Middle East region is rich with oil and natural gas, but is teaming with poverty and corruption. The have-nots, through extremist tactics, see a way out of their private Hell. Not even a nuclear explosion would stop the hate and killing among the radicals.

Will splitting Iraq three ways stem the fighting? No. The Kurds have access to oil in their region as do the Shiites. The Sunnis will be left out of the natural resources game and because of this, will instigate a civil war which could spread into a regional war.

Will sitting down with representatives from the different factions come to an honorable conclusion — even if the United Nations or NATO leaders are present? Probably not. The three warring factions in Iraq have hated each other since the death of Mohammed almost 1500 years ago. They have nothing to talk about, nothing in common, and no use for one another.

Will our leaving halt the killing? Doubtful, but it will stop the senseless murders and injuries of coalition force members and other innocents. If the Iraqis cannot or will not work harder for peace, leave them alone and let them sort it out. Vietnam went into a civil war and chaos after President Nixon withdrew our troops. Communism collapsed years later and today Vietnam is learning to trade with the Big Boys.

Will foreign invasion and subsequent alien occupation force democracy on Iraq? Please. Don’t make me laugh. A few ‘free’ elections does not a democracy make. Especially when there is very little, if any, infrastructure present in Iraq. Democracy, which is desperately needed in the Middle East, is not going to sprout and grow through pre-emptive strikes and violence. It will happen by free choice and desire. Neither is present in Iraq.

Our option is clear. Get out now and cut our losses. America has created a huge Muslim insurgency by invading Iraq, much like the Soviet Union created an Islamic insurgency when they invaded Afghanistan during the 1970’s and 80’s. During this conflict, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were born. Imagine what Frankenstein monsters America is spawning with their invasion of Iraq. Imagine what terror this may produce in future years.

If we get out, the insurgency against foreign occupiers will stop and is not likely to leave the borders of the little nation. Rather, Iraq will busy itself with a civil war. If this occurs, oil may subsequently rise to over $100 a barrel. However this scenario is a lot more pleasant than our men and women in uniform being killed or maimed.

* * *

Tom Proebsting is a writer and blogger in Missouri. Tom Proebsting, 823 N. Ault St. Moberly, MO 65270

e-mail: truthprobe777@yahoo.com

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