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GOLF: Jeff Tyndall, Jennifer Haldeman Win WV Mixed at Oglebay Palmer Course

Posted by kinchendavid on August 20, 2006

By DavidKinchen.com Staff

Wheeling, WV   – Jeff Tyndall and Jennifer Haldeman won the WV Mixed at Oglebay Resort, Palmer Course (Par 71): Wheeling with a 159 on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2006. Two teams were tied for second place with 162: Ira Lee/Alma Lee and Sam Mancari/Sue Mancari. In second day action, the players’ format was 9 holes of combined score and best ball format (4-Ball).

159–Tyndall, Jeff / Haldeman, Jennifer (Champion)

162–Lee, Ira / Lee, Alma

162–Mancari, Sam / Mancari, Sue

163–Polk, Louis / Polk, Belinda

164–Wilkinson, Jason / Wilkinson, Crystal

165–Strobl, Wolfgang / Astorg, Barbara

165–Stroud, John / Stroud, Linda

166–Kinneer, Don / Kinneer, Louis

166–Richards, Jack / Martin, Victoria

166–Wright, Lew / Wright, Vicki

168–Goodnight, Ed / Westfall, Marcia

168–Shepherd, Terry / Shepherd, Claytina

171–Fitzsimmons, Vance / Fitzsimmons, Amy

171–Riggs, Charlotte / Riggs, Michael

171–Rollyson, Jeff / Rollyson, Candy

172–Ball, Rick / Ball, Darlene

172–McGraw, Christine / McGraw, James

173–Persinger, Charles / Persinger, Sharon

173–Rogers, Randy / Humphrey, Becky

173–Topping, Mike / Topping, Maggie

174–Dorsey, Fred / Dorsey, Marge

175–Webber, Tracey / Webber, Janie

176–Woods, Robert / Woods, Jackie

179–Etter, Alan / Etter, Linda

179–Fox, Ernest / Fox, Linda

179–Kinneer, Michael / Kinneer, Alison

179–Roush, Gary / Roush, Teresa

180–Burns, Ken / Burns, Sherie

180–Lescalet, Duane / Lescalet, Rosemary

  Gross Division

181–Lee, Ira / Lee, Alma

185–Wright, Lew / Wright, Vicki

186–Rollyson, Jeff / Rollyson, Candy

186–Stroud, John / Stroud, Linda

186–Tyndall, Jeff / Haldeman, Jennifer

188–Wilkinson, Jason / Wilkinson, Crystal

189–Shepherd, Terry / Shepherd, Claytina

191–Fitzsimmons, Vance / Fitzsimmons, Amy

194–Persinger, Charles / Persinger, Sharon

195–Strobl, Wolfgang / Astorg, Barbara

199–Kinneer, Michael / Kinneer, Alison

199–Webber, Tracey / Webber, Janie

200–Polk, Louis / Polk, Belinda

203–Mancari, Sam / Mancari, Sue

203–Richards, Jack / Martin, Victoria

204–Topping, Mike / Topping, Maggie

205–Fox, Ernest / Fox, Linda

207–Burns, Ken / Burns, Sherie

210–Goodnight, Ed / Westfall, Marcia

210–Kinneer, Don / Kinneer, Louis

210–Woods, Robert / Woods, Jackie

212–Lescalet, Duane / Lescalet, Rosemary

213–Dorsey, Fred / Dorsey, Marge

213–Riggs, Charlotte / Riggs, Michael

214–Rogers, Randy / Humphrey, Becky

219–Ball, Rick / Ball, Darlene

222–Etter, Alan / Etter, Linda

222–McGraw, Christine / McGraw, James

227–Roush, Gary / Roush, Teresa




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