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GUEST COMMENTARY: Pseudo Peace Activists

Posted by kinchendavid on August 23, 2006

By Joseph J. Honick

Bainbridge Island, WA    This is about people who say they are for peace but seem to have agendas that don’t really speak to any universal stoppage of war.  

I have noticed lately a mushrooming of peace activism, mostly aimed at stopping the conflict in Iraq or pressuring the Israelis to stop being so mean to Hezbollah which hides behind innocent noncombatants and launches rockets from places under civilian neighborhoods.

Someone once said wisely that peace is not merely absence of war and that stopping war in one place does not suggest the rest of the seeming non-controversial   parts of the world are at peace.

What I have also noticed is that massive marches on Washington, DC, and in other major cities around the world allegedly demanding peace and condemning America don’t seem to be much interested when there are untold slaughters in places like Rwanda, Cambodia and other “irrelevant” spots on the globe.  You know, places where the people are just black or yellow or something like that.

 Cindy Sheehan of anti-Iraq involvement fame and glory has not gone on any hunger strikes to force attention to Somalia and other parts of Africa where AIDS and other afflictions ravage millions.  Noam Chomsky has yet to take a sabbatical from his cushy MIT teaching spot to help care for starving children instead of writing a lot of books to collect royalties and indulge his ego.

 When the Israelis have had to decide when enough is enough and take off after   suicide bombers and the terrorists for   having slaughtered thousands over the past 57 years, you just cannot find the hypocrites in the UN who scream for peace and worry about human rights — even though the people killed and maimed in those suicide bombings and flagrant machine gunnings, hijacking of cruise ships and desecration of synagogues in daylight were guilty of nothing more than   sipping coffee in cafes or going to religious day schools and praying.

 Imagine that!

 When hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in Rwanda were slaughtered in a matter of weeks, I did not see Cindy pressing for peace, nor did I see Andy Young, late of the bigoted press conferences raging against Jews, Arabs and Koreans, or Mel Gibson, using their fame or notoriety to demand a halt.   I did not find any of them at all when Pol Pot was murdering upwards of two million people in Cambodia.

Nor are those on the left the only guilty parties here.  You would be hard pressed to find any massive conservative marches on state and national capitals screaming for the halt of such incomprehensible human destruction.

So how come when Israel, asserting its right of self defense, took off after the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah and their minor league associates, suddenly the otherwise impotent UN Security Councill awoke in high dudgeon to condemn the Jewish state?  I have searched with great futility to find assertive resolutions to probe Hezbollah or Hamas and demand an accounting of their accounting.   We put executives in prison in the United States for cooking their corporate books, but we seem hardly interested in finding out where those Arab and Palestinian terrorists get those hundreds of millions to pursue their diabolical work in the name resistance. Why is that? (wink, wink).

   Not even a mild shudder was visible and certainly not mentioned in the New York Times or other major media to the effect that Hezbollah is shelling out $12,000 to any Lebanese folks who will come forward to make a claim of personal or property damage from the recent conflict.   It should be a headline story to ask where all that money is coming from when our own FEMA could not respond to Hurricane Katrina struck.

   The shame of both the right and the left is the selective and hypocritical use of the words “peace,” “human rights” and other grabbers to collect donations, lead parades and conduct other media coverage that accomplish little if anything.

   Just as bad, if not worse, has been the flagrant and shameful absence of any expressions of condolence from the UN Secretary General for the people of Israel who were killed and maimed by the Hezbollah rockets that shredded flesh while destroying property.  Major campaigns for Lebanese reconstruction are underway but not for Israeli border towns or the port of Haifa and elsewhere.

 In the end, shame is no longer much of a concern among those who posture for peace while basking in the media spotlight.

            * * *


Joseph J. Honick is a contributing columnist to Huntington News Network and President of GMA International Ltd.  



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