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Al Estepp Cards a 70 to Lead in First Round of the WV Senior Amateur Stroke Play Championship at Esquire CC

Posted by kinchendavid on August 26, 2006

By Staff

Barboursville, WV – Al Estepp of St. Albans leads by two strokes over J.A. Roy of Barboursville in the Saturday, Aug. 26, 2006  first  round of the West Virginia Senior Amateur Stroke Play Championship.  The final round will be played Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006 at  Esquire Country Club in Barboursville.  Par 72, 6,781 yards.

  Senior Flight (Championship)

  Al Estepp, St. Albans, 37-33–70

  J.A. Roy, Barboursville, 37-35–72

  Jim Mason, Mineral Wells, 38-35–73

  Harold Payne, Hurricane, W.Va., 38-35–73

  Steve Fox, Huntington, 36-37–73

  Jack Forbes, Morgantown, 39-34–73

  Philip Zambos, Huntington, W.Va., 37-36–73

  Joel Davis, Oak Hill, 37-37–74

  Joe Ramella, Huntington, 40-34–74

  Chuck Starcher, Scott Depot, 36-38–74

  Larry Haddad, Charleston, 36-38–74

  Rollie Erwin, Barboursville, 39-36–75

  Thomas Brown, Beckley, 37-38–75

  Dick Robinson, Barboursville, 39-36–75

  Charles Persinger, Scott Depot, 38-37–75

  Tom Foxworth, Hurricane, 39-36–75

  Richard Vincent, Elizabeth, 37-39–76

  Carl Hedrick, Belle, 38-38–76

  Ray Smith, Scott Depot, 40-37–77

  Terry Johnson, Scott Depot, 39-39–78

  Carl Bailey, Hurricane, 40-38–78

  Michael Childers, Charleston, 40-38–78

  Roy Hughes, Hurricane, 42-37–79

  John Duty Sr., Hurricane, 42-37–79

  John Varda, Spencer, 39-40–79

  Butch Freeman, Daniels, 39-41–80

  Mike White, Chapmanville, 39-41–80

  Steve Hiener, Parkersburg, 40-41–81

  Wally Edgell, Elkins, 39-42–81

  David Sword, Charleston, 40-42–82

  Dink Winnell, South Charleston, 42-40–82

  Ernest Fox, Calvin, 42-40–82

  Joe Tagnesi, South Charleston, 44-38–82

  Samuel Corey, Beckley, 42-41–83

  William Nichols, Institute, 39-44–83

  Tom Spriggs, Crosslanes, 40-44–84

  Tony Menello, St. Albans, 41-43–84

  James Chapman, Hurricane, 44-40–84

  David Wolfe Sr, Lavalette, 41-43–84

  Reid Carroll, Barboursville, 39-47–86

  David Wilson, Parkersburg, 46-41–87

  Tom Dotson, Pt. Pleasant, 44-43–87

  Boyce Jarrett, Scott Depot, 42-46–88

  Bob Browning, Charleston, 44-44–88

  Greg Bailey, Scott Depot, 45-46–91

  Allen Wilt, Parkersburg, 48-44—92

  Pat Hinchman, 46-46–92

  John Shea, S.Charleston, 49-44–93

  Scott Pierson, St. Albans, 45-50–95

  Silver Flight

  James Bartsch, Charleston, 35-36–71

  Ron Ray, Huntington, 38-35–73

  Gary Roush, Mason, 36-37–73

  Kirk Nolte, Wheeling, 37-37–74

  Allen Bailes, Hurricane, 41-34–75

  Richard Chenoweth, Vienna, 38-39–77

  Jack Richards, St. Albans, 36-41–77

  Tom Turner, Hurricane, 37-40–77

  Mel Mattison, Hurricane, 39-39–78

  Corky Layman, Glenwood, 38-40–78

  Tom Salango, Hurricane, 42-37–79

  Shozo Kurusu, Charleston, 38-41–79

  Tom Holland, Hurricane, 38-42–80

  Charles Smith, Alum Creek, N.C., 42-38–80

  Harold Harris, Hurricane, 41-40–81

  Harold White, Charleston, 41-42–83

  Jim Stewart, Barboursville, 41-42–83

  Terry Fogarty, S.Charleston, 41-43–84

  Boyce Wade, Hurricane, 42-43–85

  Joe Funderburk, Charleston, 42-45–87

  William Maloney, Bridgeport, 42-49–91

  Gary Edgell, Hurricane, 47-44–91

  Robert Byron, Huntington, 49-44–93

  Vernon Withrow, 48-46–94

  Bob White, Hurricane, WD-WD–WD

  Gold Flight

  Darrel Jameson, 35-38–73

  Bert Keys, St. Albans, 37-38–75

  David Bush, Scott Depot, 39-37–76

  James Hager, Hurricane, 41-37–78

  Robert Pollack, Huntington, 38-42–80

  Eugene Spot Leach, Shady Spring, 41-40–81

  James Williams, St. Albans, 45-43–88

  Wayne Dawson, Pinch, 44-44–88

  Paul Saler, Huntington, 52-50–102



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