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COMMENTARY: 3,000 Deaths in Iraq ‘Minimal’: Rupert Murdoch

Posted by kinchendavid on November 12, 2006

By Joseph J. Honick

Bainbridge Island, WA  — A week or so ago media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who presides over a print and broadcast communications empire around the globe, was quoted as asserting the 3,000 deaths in Iraq were “minimal” for such a conflict!

Somehow this shameful commentary was lost as American election campaigns roared to some of their nastiest conclusions in generations, so little comment was stimulated. That reality is fascinating given the flood of screams that responded to a dumb and botched joke by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry aimed at chastising the President.

My hope with this piece is to bring the arrogant Murdoch to the attention of as many readers as possible. I want to know that a fellow like Rush Limbaugh or the smear artist Ann Coulter will take umbrage and dispatch some of their most acid commentary in response. One doubts, however, that this will happen because Murdoch controls so much of the right wing press that coddles the likes of these two and their fellow neocons, and they assuredly would not want to challenge their benefactor.

But where are all the other self-righteous folks who always have been so vocal at the least suggestion that sounded negative toward our war in Iraq or toward the military? Where is the smear team that battered the documented heroism of John Kerry in Vietnam and former US Senator Max Cleland who lost three limbs in the same conflict, the latter slandered to elect a right-wing senator in Georgia?

The reality is that none of these anointed defenders of the right have uttered one single word in public, and only a few others have said much either, perhaps because the sounds of election time drowned them out. It is time for that to change.

This then is a challenge to all the veterans’ organizations, those of the right and left and in between, the media of all stripes and certainly the President of the United States to rise up in proper anger to put Murdoch to shame for such commentary.

Whether this will even raise a whimper with any of them remains to be seen. We know it won’t come from FOX Network, owned by Murdoch, that asserts its “fair and balanced” approach to the news.

So, you, dear reader, it is up to you to take up the cudgels of those who have fought and died in this seemingly endless tragedy in Iraq and to demand at the very least that the President of the United States and all those who sought the scalp of Senator Kerry, at the very least, call for the public shaming of Rupert Murdoch. Will you?

* * *

Honick is president of GMA International Ltd., the consulting firm he established in 1975. Its principal areas involved working to broaden business opportunities abroad for American companies and assisting them in preparing for such effort. He is also a regular contributor to Huntington News Network.


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