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Harold Payne Defeats Zambos in Playoff to win WV Senior Amateur Stroke Play Championship at Esquire CC

Posted by kinchendavid on August 29, 2006

By  Staff

Barboursville, WV   – Harold Payne of Hurricane on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006 won his first Senior Championship and added to his five WV Amateur and four WV Open titles. Payne beat Phil Zambos of Huntington in a 4-hole playoff at Esquire Country Club here.

Zambos went birdie, Ace and eagle over a three-hole stretch. He had a hole in one on #14.

Below are the results. The match play portion of the Senior Amateur begins September 22-24, 2006 at Greenhills in Ravenswood, WV.

Senior Flight (Championship)
Harold Payne, Hurricane, W.Va., 73-69--142
Philip Zambos, Huntington, W.Va., 73-69--142
Steve Fox, Huntington, 73-70--143
Al Estepp, St. Albans, 70-76--146
Jack Forbes, Morgantown, 73-74--147
Dick Robinson, Barboursville, 75-73--148
Joel Davis, Oak Hill, 74-74--148
Jim Mason, Mineral Wells, 73-75--148
Thomas Brown, Beckley, 75-75--150
J.A. Roy, Barboursville, 72-78--150
Larry Haddad, Charleston, 74-78--152
Charles Persinger, Scott Depot, 75-78--153
Rollie Erwin, Barboursville, 75-78--153
Tom Foxworth, Hurricane, 75-79--154
John Duty Sr., Hurricane, 79-75--154
Ray Smith, Scott Depot, 77-79--156
Chuck Starcher, Scott Depot, 74-82--156
John Varda, Spencer, 79-77--156
Richard Vincent, Elizabeth, 76-81--157
Joe Ramella, Huntington, 74-83--157
Michael Childers, Charleston, 78-79--157
Carl Bailey, Hurricane, 78-80--158
Carl Hedrick, Belle, 76-83--159
Wally Edgell, Elkins, 81-78--159
Terry Johnson, Scott Depot, 78-82--160
James Chapman, Hurricane, 84-76--160
Butch Freeman, Daniels, 80-80--160
William Nichols, Institute, 83-79--162
Tom Spriggs, Crosslanes, 84-78--162
David Wilson, Parkersburg, 87-76--163
Steve Hiener, Parkersburg, 81-82--163
Roy Hughes, Hurricane, 79-84--163
Reid Carroll, Barboursville, 86-79--165
Samuel Corey, Beckley, 83-82--165
Ernest Fox, Calvin, 82-83--165
David Sword, Charleston, 82-84--166
David Wolfe, Sr, Lavalette, 84-83--167
Dink Winnell, South Charleston, 82-86--168
Tom Dotson, Pt. Pleasant, 87-82--169
Joe Tagnesi, South Charleston, 82-87--169
Mike White, Chapmanville, 80-93--173
Tony Menello, St. Albans, 84-90--174
Bob Browning, Charleston, 88-87--175
Greg Bailey, Scott Depot, 91-84--175
Scott Pierson, St. Albans, 95-82--177
Boyce Jarrett, Scott Depot, 88-89—177
John Shea, S.Charleston, 93-85--178
Pat Hinchman, 92-91--183
Allen Wilt, Parkersburg, 92-93--185

Silver Flight
James Bartsch, Charleston, 71-71--142
Ron Ray, Huntington, 73-72--145
Kirk Nolte, Wheeling, 74-72--146
Gary Roush, Mason, 73-77--150
Richard Chenoweth, Vienna, 77-74--151
Allen Bailes, Hurricane, 75-77--152
Corky Layman, Glenwood, 78-76--154
Tom Turner, Hurricane, 77-77--154
Jack Richards, St. Albans, 77-78--155
Mel Mattison, Hurricane, 78-78--156
Harold Harris, Hurricane, 81-76--157
Tom Salango, Hurricane, 79-81--160
Jim Stewart, Barboursville, 83-81--164
Tom Holland, Hurricane, 80-85--165
Shozo Kurusu, Charleston, 79-87--166
Harold White, Charleston, 83-83--166
Charles Smith, Alum Creek, N.C., 80-86--166
Terry Fogarty, S.Charleston, 84-84--168
Joe Funderburk, Charleston, 87-84--171
Robert Byron, Huntington, 93-86--179
William Maloney, Bridgeport, 91-90--181
Vernon Withrow, 94-90--184
Gary Edgell, Hurricane, 91-95--186
Boyce Wade, Hurricane, 85-WD--WD

Gold Flight
Darrel Jameson, 73-74--147
Bert Keys, St. Albans, 75-78--153
David Bush, Scott Depot, 76-79--155
James Hager, Hurricane, 78-78--156
Eugene Spot Leach, Shady Spring, 81-87--168
Robert Pollack, Huntington, 80-98--178
Wayne Dawson, Pinch, 88-93--181
James Williams, St. Albans, 88-95--183
Paul Saler, Huntington, 102-99--20


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Al Estepp Cards a 70 to Lead in First Round of the WV Senior Amateur Stroke Play Championship at Esquire CC

Posted by kinchendavid on August 26, 2006

By Staff

Barboursville, WV – Al Estepp of St. Albans leads by two strokes over J.A. Roy of Barboursville in the Saturday, Aug. 26, 2006  first  round of the West Virginia Senior Amateur Stroke Play Championship.  The final round will be played Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006 at  Esquire Country Club in Barboursville.  Par 72, 6,781 yards.

  Senior Flight (Championship)

  Al Estepp, St. Albans, 37-33–70

  J.A. Roy, Barboursville, 37-35–72

  Jim Mason, Mineral Wells, 38-35–73

  Harold Payne, Hurricane, W.Va., 38-35–73

  Steve Fox, Huntington, 36-37–73

  Jack Forbes, Morgantown, 39-34–73

  Philip Zambos, Huntington, W.Va., 37-36–73

  Joel Davis, Oak Hill, 37-37–74

  Joe Ramella, Huntington, 40-34–74

  Chuck Starcher, Scott Depot, 36-38–74

  Larry Haddad, Charleston, 36-38–74

  Rollie Erwin, Barboursville, 39-36–75

  Thomas Brown, Beckley, 37-38–75

  Dick Robinson, Barboursville, 39-36–75

  Charles Persinger, Scott Depot, 38-37–75

  Tom Foxworth, Hurricane, 39-36–75

  Richard Vincent, Elizabeth, 37-39–76

  Carl Hedrick, Belle, 38-38–76

  Ray Smith, Scott Depot, 40-37–77

  Terry Johnson, Scott Depot, 39-39–78

  Carl Bailey, Hurricane, 40-38–78

  Michael Childers, Charleston, 40-38–78

  Roy Hughes, Hurricane, 42-37–79

  John Duty Sr., Hurricane, 42-37–79

  John Varda, Spencer, 39-40–79

  Butch Freeman, Daniels, 39-41–80

  Mike White, Chapmanville, 39-41–80

  Steve Hiener, Parkersburg, 40-41–81

  Wally Edgell, Elkins, 39-42–81

  David Sword, Charleston, 40-42–82

  Dink Winnell, South Charleston, 42-40–82

  Ernest Fox, Calvin, 42-40–82

  Joe Tagnesi, South Charleston, 44-38–82

  Samuel Corey, Beckley, 42-41–83

  William Nichols, Institute, 39-44–83

  Tom Spriggs, Crosslanes, 40-44–84

  Tony Menello, St. Albans, 41-43–84

  James Chapman, Hurricane, 44-40–84

  David Wolfe Sr, Lavalette, 41-43–84

  Reid Carroll, Barboursville, 39-47–86

  David Wilson, Parkersburg, 46-41–87

  Tom Dotson, Pt. Pleasant, 44-43–87

  Boyce Jarrett, Scott Depot, 42-46–88

  Bob Browning, Charleston, 44-44–88

  Greg Bailey, Scott Depot, 45-46–91

  Allen Wilt, Parkersburg, 48-44—92

  Pat Hinchman, 46-46–92

  John Shea, S.Charleston, 49-44–93

  Scott Pierson, St. Albans, 45-50–95

  Silver Flight

  James Bartsch, Charleston, 35-36–71

  Ron Ray, Huntington, 38-35–73

  Gary Roush, Mason, 36-37–73

  Kirk Nolte, Wheeling, 37-37–74

  Allen Bailes, Hurricane, 41-34–75

  Richard Chenoweth, Vienna, 38-39–77

  Jack Richards, St. Albans, 36-41–77

  Tom Turner, Hurricane, 37-40–77

  Mel Mattison, Hurricane, 39-39–78

  Corky Layman, Glenwood, 38-40–78

  Tom Salango, Hurricane, 42-37–79

  Shozo Kurusu, Charleston, 38-41–79

  Tom Holland, Hurricane, 38-42–80

  Charles Smith, Alum Creek, N.C., 42-38–80

  Harold Harris, Hurricane, 41-40–81

  Harold White, Charleston, 41-42–83

  Jim Stewart, Barboursville, 41-42–83

  Terry Fogarty, S.Charleston, 41-43–84

  Boyce Wade, Hurricane, 42-43–85

  Joe Funderburk, Charleston, 42-45–87

  William Maloney, Bridgeport, 42-49–91

  Gary Edgell, Hurricane, 47-44–91

  Robert Byron, Huntington, 49-44–93

  Vernon Withrow, 48-46–94

  Bob White, Hurricane, WD-WD–WD

  Gold Flight

  Darrel Jameson, 35-38–73

  Bert Keys, St. Albans, 37-38–75

  David Bush, Scott Depot, 39-37–76

  James Hager, Hurricane, 41-37–78

  Robert Pollack, Huntington, 38-42–80

  Eugene Spot Leach, Shady Spring, 41-40–81

  James Williams, St. Albans, 45-43–88

  Wayne Dawson, Pinch, 44-44–88

  Paul Saler, Huntington, 52-50–102


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GOLF: Jeff Tyndall, Jennifer Haldeman Win WV Mixed at Oglebay Palmer Course

Posted by kinchendavid on August 20, 2006

By DavidKinchen.com Staff

Wheeling, WV   – Jeff Tyndall and Jennifer Haldeman won the WV Mixed at Oglebay Resort, Palmer Course (Par 71): Wheeling with a 159 on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2006. Two teams were tied for second place with 162: Ira Lee/Alma Lee and Sam Mancari/Sue Mancari. In second day action, the players’ format was 9 holes of combined score and best ball format (4-Ball).

159–Tyndall, Jeff / Haldeman, Jennifer (Champion)

162–Lee, Ira / Lee, Alma

162–Mancari, Sam / Mancari, Sue

163–Polk, Louis / Polk, Belinda

164–Wilkinson, Jason / Wilkinson, Crystal

165–Strobl, Wolfgang / Astorg, Barbara

165–Stroud, John / Stroud, Linda

166–Kinneer, Don / Kinneer, Louis

166–Richards, Jack / Martin, Victoria

166–Wright, Lew / Wright, Vicki

168–Goodnight, Ed / Westfall, Marcia

168–Shepherd, Terry / Shepherd, Claytina

171–Fitzsimmons, Vance / Fitzsimmons, Amy

171–Riggs, Charlotte / Riggs, Michael

171–Rollyson, Jeff / Rollyson, Candy

172–Ball, Rick / Ball, Darlene

172–McGraw, Christine / McGraw, James

173–Persinger, Charles / Persinger, Sharon

173–Rogers, Randy / Humphrey, Becky

173–Topping, Mike / Topping, Maggie

174–Dorsey, Fred / Dorsey, Marge

175–Webber, Tracey / Webber, Janie

176–Woods, Robert / Woods, Jackie

179–Etter, Alan / Etter, Linda

179–Fox, Ernest / Fox, Linda

179–Kinneer, Michael / Kinneer, Alison

179–Roush, Gary / Roush, Teresa

180–Burns, Ken / Burns, Sherie

180–Lescalet, Duane / Lescalet, Rosemary

  Gross Division

181–Lee, Ira / Lee, Alma

185–Wright, Lew / Wright, Vicki

186–Rollyson, Jeff / Rollyson, Candy

186–Stroud, John / Stroud, Linda

186–Tyndall, Jeff / Haldeman, Jennifer

188–Wilkinson, Jason / Wilkinson, Crystal

189–Shepherd, Terry / Shepherd, Claytina

191–Fitzsimmons, Vance / Fitzsimmons, Amy

194–Persinger, Charles / Persinger, Sharon

195–Strobl, Wolfgang / Astorg, Barbara

199–Kinneer, Michael / Kinneer, Alison

199–Webber, Tracey / Webber, Janie

200–Polk, Louis / Polk, Belinda

203–Mancari, Sam / Mancari, Sue

203–Richards, Jack / Martin, Victoria

204–Topping, Mike / Topping, Maggie

205–Fox, Ernest / Fox, Linda

207–Burns, Ken / Burns, Sherie

210–Goodnight, Ed / Westfall, Marcia

210–Kinneer, Don / Kinneer, Louis

210–Woods, Robert / Woods, Jackie

212–Lescalet, Duane / Lescalet, Rosemary

213–Dorsey, Fred / Dorsey, Marge

213–Riggs, Charlotte / Riggs, Michael

214–Rogers, Randy / Humphrey, Becky

219–Ball, Rick / Ball, Darlene

222–Etter, Alan / Etter, Linda

222–McGraw, Christine / McGraw, James

227–Roush, Gary / Roush, Teresa



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GOLF: Five Teams Tied for Lead after Day 1 of WV Mixed at Oglebay Resort

Posted by kinchendavid on August 19, 2006

By DavidKinchen.com Staff

Wheeling, WV  – After Day 1 of The WV Mixed at Oglebay Resort, Palmer Course (Par 71): Wheeling; 5 teams are tied for the lead.  Saturday’s format included scramble and “Pinehurst Alternate Shot”

  61–Kinneer, Don / Kinneer, Louis

  61–Polk, Louis / Polk, Belinda

  61–Rogers, Randy / Humphrey, Becky

  61–Strobl, Wolfgang / Astorg, Barbara

  61–Tyndall, Jeff / Haldeman, Jennifer

  62–Riggs, Charlotte / Riggs, Michael

  62–Roush, Gary / Roush, Teresa

  62–Webber, Tracey / Webber, Janie

  63–Goodnight, Ed / Westfall, Marcia

  63–Mancari, Sam / Mancari, Sue

  63–Rollyson, Jeff / Rollyson, Candy

  63–Woods, Robert / Woods, Jackie

  63–Wright, Lew / Wright, Vicki

  64–Burns, Ken / Burns, Sherie

  64–Fitzsimmons, Vance / Fitzsimmons, Amy

  64–Lee, Ira / Lee, Alma

  64–Lescalet, Duane / Lescalet, Rosemary

  64–Richards, Jack / Martin, Victoria

  64–Stroud, John / Stroud, Linda

  65–Wilkinson, Jason / Wilkinson, Crystal

  66–Dorsey, Fred / Dorsey, Marge

  66–Etter, Alan / Etter, Linda

  67–Ball, Rick / Ball, Darlene

  67–Kinneer, Michael / Kinneer, Alison

  68–Shepherd, Terry / Shepherd, Claytina

  69–Fox, Ernest / Fox, Linda

  69–Persinger, Charles / Persinger, Sharon

  69–Topping, Mike / Topping, Maggie

  71–McGraw, Christine / McGraw, James

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GOLF: Huntington’s Pat Carter Defeats Anthony Reale by 2 Strokes to Win 87th WV Amateur Tournament

Posted by kinchendavid on August 3, 2006

By DavidKinchen.com Staff

White Sulphur Springs, WV Pat Carter of Huntington won his 12th West Virginia Amateur Championship Thursday, Aug. 3, 2006 defeating Anthony Reale of Glenville by two strokes. Carter carded a four-day total of 285, to Reale’s 287 at The Greenbrier resort here.

Nathan Kinker of Barboursville was third with a 290, followed by Jared Jones of Kenova with 294.

Pat Carter, Huntington, 72-72-70-71–285

Anthony Reale, Glenville, W.Va., 66-73-75-73–287

Nathan Kinker, Barboursville, W.Va., 71-74-74-71–290

Jared Jones, Kenova, W.Va., 82-70-68-74–294

Matt Hicks, Sissonville, 73-72-80-72–297

Ryan Whalen, Morgantown, W.Va., 77-70-75-75–297

Sam O’Dell, Hurricane, W.Va., 81-75-71-71–298

Tad Tomblin, Man, W.Va., 75-73-79-72–299

Christian Brand, Charleston, 68-77-78-76–299

Steve VanHorn, Morgantown, W.Va., 76-74-74-76–300

Tim Fisher, Ripley, W.Va., 77-77-69-77–300

Brandon Reece, Charleston, 81-70-71-78–300

Gordon Chase, Martinsburg, 77-74-76-75–302

Brian Hass, Hurricane, 77-74-75-76–302

David Boggs, Shepherdstown, 72-81-75-75–303

John Brautigam, Morgantown, 78-75-74-76–303

Trent Schambach, Glen Dale, 78-76-73-76–303

Michael Wetzel, Wheeling, 75-80-75-74–304

Don Jones, Beckley, 73-76-79-76–304

Ryan Stewart, Barboursville, 74-78-75-77–304

Hop White, Scott Depot, 69-77-77-81–304

Stephen Fox, Huntington, 77-77-76-75–305

Bosten Miller, Charleston, 78-76-74-77–305

Matthew Gissy, Weston, 84-70-79-73–306

Brian Meador, Morgantown, 77-71-79-79–306

Josh Boswell, Alderson, 77-77-73-81–308

Ed Morrison Jr., Huntington, 77-77-78-77–309

Jay Woodward, Bridgeport, 76-79-78-76–309

Aaron Boggs, Madison, 76-79-71-83–309

Reuben Prillaman, Oceana, 78-72-75-84–309

Travis Woodford, Glenville, 77-78-80-75–310

Steve Ross, Huntington, 76-74-79-81–310

Chuck Workman, Marlinton, 80-76-78-78–312

Terry Staubs, Charles Town, 75-81-81-76–313

David Lane, Coal City, W.Va., 80-76-77-80–313

Jon Burnside, Fairmont, 71-80-77-85–313

Craig Fenton, Williamstown, 75-76-79-84–314

Harold “Bud” Tate, Vienna, 81-75-80-82–318

Brandon Watkins, White Sulphur Springs, 76-78-80-86–320

Kenneth Hess, Parkersburg, 77-78-84-85–324

Cody Youell, Ravenswood, 76-80-88-86–330


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GOLF: Anthony Reale, Pat Carter Tied at 2 Over Par in 3rd Round of 87th WV Amateur Tournament

Posted by kinchendavid on August 3, 2006

By DavidKinchen.com Staff

White Sulphur Springs, WV – Through the 3rd round on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006, Anthony Reale and Pat Carter are tied at 2 over par at The Greenbrier. The championship round will be Thursday, Aug. 3, 2006.

Anthony Reale, Glenville, 66-73-75–214

Pat Carter, Huntington, 72-72-70–214

Nathan Kinker, Barboursville, 71-74-74–219

Jared Jones, Kenova, 82-70-68–220

Brandon Reece, Charleston, 81-70-71–222

Ryan Whalen, Morgantown, 77-70-75–222

Tim Fisher, Ripley, 77-77-69–223

Christian Brand, Charleston, 68-77-78–223

Hop White, Scott Depot, 69-77-77–223

Steve VanHorn, Morgantown, 76-74-74–224

Reuben Prillaman, Oceana, 78-72-75–225

Matt Hicks, Sissonville, 73-72-80–225

Aaron Boggs, Madison, 76-79-71–226

Brian Hass, Hurricane, 77-74-75–226

Sam O’Dell, Hurricane, 81-75-71–227

Josh Boswell, Alderson, 77-77-73–227

Trent Schambach, Glen Dale, 78-76-73–227

Ryan Stewart, Barboursville, 74-78-75–227

John Brautigam, Morgantown, 78-75-74–227

Gordon Chase, Martinsburg, 77-74-76–227

Brian Meador, Morgantown, 77-71-79–227

Tad Tomblin, Man, 75-73-79–227

David Boggs, Shepherdstown, 72-81-75–228

Bosten Miller, Charleston, 78-76-74–228

Jon Burnside, Fairmont, 71-80-77–228

Don Jones, Beckley, 73-76-79–228

Steve Ross, Huntington, 76-74-79–229

Michael Wetzel, Wheeling, 75-80-75–230

Stephen Fox, Huntington, 77-77-76–230

Craig Fenton, Williamstown, 75-76-79–230

Ed Morrison Jr., Huntington, 77-77-78–232

David Lane, Coal City, 80-76-77–233

Jay Woodward, Bridgeport, 76-79-78–233

Matthew Gissy, Weston, 84-70-79–233

Chuck Workman, Marlinton, 80-76-78–234

Brandon Watkins, White Sulphur Springs, 76-78-80–234

Travis Woodford, Glenville, 77-78-80–235

Harold “Bud” Tate, Vienna, 81-75-80–236

Terry Staubs, Charles Town, 75-81-81–237

Kenneth Hess, Parkersburg, 77-78-84–239

Cody Youell, Ravenswood, 76-80-88–244

Brian Beddow, Chapmanville, 78-77-WD–WD

Thursday, August 3, 2006 – Final Round (18 holes).


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REAL ESTATE: Golf Course Development Planned at Oakhurst in Greenbrier County

Posted by kinchendavid on July 17, 2006

By David M. Kinchen

White Sulphur Springs, WV – The nation’s newest golf course will be built adjacent to the nation’s oldest golf course – the Oakhurst Golf Links – on a 720-acre tract off Big Draft Road about 3 miles north of downtown White Sulphur Springs.

The 18-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed links-style mountain course will be private, while the historic 1884 Oakhurst Golf Links will remain open to the public, according to Walt Davis, president of Develop Vision Inc., Charlotte, NC and director of sales for Oakhurst Development.

Davis said about 235 lots will be developed for single-family houses and about 90-94 attached units – cottages or townhouses – will also be developed. A build-out cost of $100 million to $150 million is projected for the gated development, he said. Lots will be offered for sale in July or August, once HUD and state approvals are obtained, Davis said. Lots will sell for $225,000 to more than $800,000 and the attached units are expected to sell in the $500,000 range. Single-family houses must be a minimum of 3,500 square feet and a maximum of 7,500 square feet, he added.

The development will also include equestrian trails, a 25-stall equestrian barn and center and a downhill ski course. Most of the development will be along two miles of ridgeline bordering the George Washington National Forest, Davis said.

The principals of Oakhurst Development are Lewis Keller Jr., of Phoenix, AZ and Jack Johnson of Park City, UT. Keller is the son of Lewis Keller Sr. who has owned Oakhurst since 1959. For more information, Davis can be reached at (888) 625-4778. Oakhurst Development has offices in Lewisburg at 122 N. Court St. on the second floor of the former Masonic Temple.

Natalie Neal of Oakhurst Golf Links stresses that the 2,220-yard course, which hosted the nation’s first golf tournament in 1888, will remain as a tourist attraction and an historic reminder of the early days of golf in America. According to the Oakhurst web site:

“Step back into time at Oakhurst Links, the first golf course in the United States. You’ll find things at Oakhurst haven’t changed much since it was established in 1884. Sheep roam and graze freely along the 2,220 yards of the course. The equipment is the same today as it was back then, vintage wooden-shafted long-nosed clubs, 1880’s balls, no tees (but you can make your own ball perch by combining water and sand which are provided in buckets at the tee box.) The game is played by the old rules; up to five clubs are allowed, but they are carried by hand (the first burlap golf bags were not invented until the 1890’s).

“Oakhurst Links (www.oakhurstlinks.com) is more than a golf course; it’s an important piece of golf history. In 1888, the course organized the first golf tournament in the United States. There is an old style clubhouse and a golf museum to browse, displaying old golf equipment, some of which was found on the property. Restored in 1994, Oakhurst is the perfect combination of fun and history.”

For those who want to experience golf as it was in the beginning, the Oakhurst course is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday by taking Big Draft Road to Montague Drive. The phone number is (304) 536-1884.

(Originally published May 19m 2006)

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